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User Agreement


Dear users, welcome to read this Agreement :
NTMALL Company pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement to provide services, the agreement is contractual effect. You must agree to this Agreement , to be able to enjoy the services provided by this website . NTMALL you log indicates that you fully accept all the terms of this Agreement .
First, the definition
1.1 "Website" in the absence of special circumstances described , refer to " NTMALL ."
1.2 "User " means the conditions specified in this Agreement , agree to abide by the rules of this website , the terms ( including, but not limited to this Agreement ) , and to use this website to individuals or institutions .
1.3 " Seller " means " NTMALL ." " Buyer " means the users of the site to buy items .
1.4 " Transaction " means a buyer under the seller published transaction request , made ​​within a specific time optimal trading conditions have been achieved according to their terms and conditions proposed purchase of the right to trade goods .
Second, the user qualification
2.1 Only one of the following conditions apply to become a person or entity to the user of this website , you can use this website.
2.1.1 18 years of age , and has a capacity of civil rights and civil capacity of natural persons ;
2.1.2 under 18 years old , but the guardian ( including but not limited to parents ) written consent to be a natural person ;
2.1.3 According to Chinese law or the establishment of the laws , regulations and / or regulations established and legally existing companies, enterprises , associations and other organizations . Without civil capacity or with limited capacity for civil conduct and no operating or specific qualifications based organization improperly registered site users or exceeds its capacity range of civil rights or engage in transactions , with the agreement between this website void ab initio , the site , once discovered, the right to immediately cancel the user , and to hold their use of this site "service" all legal responsibilities.
2.2 The user must have clear contact address and contact telephone number, and provide the real name or names .
Third, the users' rights and obligations
3.1 Users have the authority to change the password. User response to the user name for all activities and events take full responsibility .
3.2 The User undertakes to ensure that any information provided on this website , registration information is true and accurate, including but not limited to real name , ID number , telephone number, address, zip code , etc. Guarantee that the website and other users can contact details above to contact with their own . Also, users are also obliged to actual changes in the relevant information promptly update the relevant registration information.
3.3 You may not assign or in any form without authorize others to use their own user account on this site .
3.4 User promising to use this website online trading platform all acts comply with national laws , regulations and the relevant provisions of this website as well as various social and public interests or public morals. For any legal consequences occur , the user will be solely responsible for its own name all the corresponding legal responsibility.
3.5 Users on this site , such as online transaction process transactions with other users due to a dispute may request to be coordinated from this site . Users who find other users with illegal act or violation of this Agreement , may be reported to the Site . If users online transactions with other users due to produce an action, the user has the right to require the website through the judiciary to provide relevant information .
3.6 without the written permission of the site , you may not use this site information as well as the trading platform of any information on the display to copy , modify, translate, create derivative works form , distribute or publicly display .
3.7 You may not use the following approach landing site or undermine the site services provided :
3.7.1 any robot software , spider software , reptiles , scraper or other automated means to access or visit the website ;
3.7.2 by any means on the internal structure of the Company caused or may cause an unreasonable or disproportionately large load acts ;
3.7.3 in any way interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal work site or any activities conducted on the site ;
3.8 Users agree to receive information from this site , including but not limited to, activities information, transaction information , promotional information.
Fourth, the revised agreement
This Agreement may be amended at any time on this website , these changes will be announced on the website of the agreement on the revised terms of the content of the announcement effect when , and become part of this Agreement . If users modify this Agreement after continued use of this site, as user acceptance and voluntary compliance with the amended protocol . Exercise to modify or discontinue this web site service, not to any third party.
Fifth, the scope of responsibility of this website
When the user accepts the agreement , the user should clearly understand and agree that:
5.1 User 's use of the Site by the user's personal burden of risk . This site is provided on the basis of existing technology . This site does not guarantee the following:
5.1.1 This site will meet the user's requirements.
5.1.2 This site is uninterrupted , timely , secure , or error free .
5.1.3 The right to use the Service to obtain the results are correct or reliable .
5.1.4 User via this site any products purchased or obtained will meet the expectations of users .
5.2 whether downloaded or otherwise obtained through the Site any information considered by the user , and is at your own risk measure , because downloading any information which led to the user's computer system, for any damage or loss of data , users should bear full responsibility.
5.3 user via this website to obtain advice and information , regardless of its form or performance of this Agreement will not constitute any warranty not expressly stipulated .
5.4 For the following reasons caused profits, goodwill, use , data loss or other intangible losses , this site is not liable for any direct , indirect, incidental, special , consequential or punitive damages ( even if the site has been informed in the preceding paragraph compensation possibilities ) :
5.4.1 Use of this site or unavailable.
5.4.2 by or through this website any goods purchased or obtained , or receiving the information , or substitute the resulting exchanges of goods and services purchase cost.
5.4.3 User Data transmissions or any unauthorized access or changes.
5.4.4 The site of the statements or conduct of any third party .
5.4.5 This site other related matters.
Six , intellectual property
6.1 website and use this website for any related software , programs, content, including but not limited to works , images , files, data , site architecture , site layout arrangements , web design, advertising via this website or presented to the user advertising or information by this website or other persons legally entitled to the corresponding rights of intellectual property, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary rights , subject to the relevant laws. Or rights of this website without the express authorization, user guarantee not to modify, rent, loan, sell , distribute this website and the website uses any of the above information and resources , or in accordance with the above information and resources to be made into any kind of items.
6.2 Site to grant users and non- exclusive non-transferable right to use , so that users can use the stand-alone computer object code of the website ( hereinafter referred to as the "Software" ) , but the user may not and shall not allow any third party to , copy, modify, create derivative work of, reverse engineer, reverse assemble or otherwise attempt to decipher decipher or source code, sell, assign the "software" or " software " to sublicense , or otherwise transfer the "software" of any rights . User agrees not in any way modify the "software" , or to use modified "software ."
6.3 Users may not , through unauthorized interface provided by this website use of this site .
Seven , force majeure
Due to force majeure or other unforeseen events, making the performance of this agreement is not possible, unnecessary or meaningless , the parties shall not be liable . The contract term force majeure means unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective circumstances , including, but not limited to war , typhoon , flood, fire, lightning , or earthquake, strike , riot, statutory sickness , hacker attacks, network viruses, Telecom sectoral technical regulation , governmental action or any other natural or man-made disasters and other objective circumstances .
Eight , dispute resolution
The validity of this Agreement and its amendments , implementation and amendment of the Agreement and all matters relating to the validity , will be governed by the laws of any dispute only applicable PRC laws.