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Express Delivery


First, commodities distribution methods
1, NTMALL small packages : Small size, low weight .
NTMALL mainly relying on a small parcel courier company DHL and other third parties for distribution and provide delivery service, to provide users with a fast, satisfaction, rest assured shopping platform .
2, NTMALL large parcel : bulky, volume, multi- boxes, heavy.
NTMALL mainly large parcel shipping FOB price .
Second, commodity inspection and signoff
1, DHL delivery time , please be sure to personally check the goods invoice control , if there is lack of goods , delivery errors , damaged packaging problems , please contact our online customer service . After receipt , NTMALL will believe that you have recognized and accepted the Company's merchandise. Non orderer I sign products , depending on the collection of Knight mall person who is equivalent to ordering the inspection . Once you have confirmed the signing , Knight mall will not be able to handle your replacement .
2 , you will receive :
2.1 you purchased merchandise ;
2.2 Packing List \ PI ( Please carefully check you receive the goods with packing list and are the same on the PI ) .
3 , reject : Please check the packaging , if obvious signs of damage , you can contact our online customer service, we will verify the reasons negotiate compensation issues with the courier company and bear the resulting shipping cost ; reasons unilateral refusal by Member close , distribution costs assumed by the member .
4 , if you accept the goods and found quality problems , you can apply for return business NTMALL website . You can also contact the customer service center with NTMALL .
7 , the recipient \ address and other information , please write clearly , and with the identity card or passport remain exactly the same, to ensure that your goods can be delivered accurately , resulting parcels as undeliverable or lost , NTMALL does not assume any responsibility.
Third, Frequently Asked Questions
1 , I can choose the delivery company do ?
Answer : NTMALL will be based on your shipping address and nature of the goods to select the appropriate courier company delivery, such as the courier company , please contact customer service related .
2 , delivery costs can offer you ?
A: We use the unified Shipment standards.
3 , How long after orders shipped ?
NTMALL check membership in the ordered merchandise , mailing address, payment amounts and other information is correct, confirm the order . Order Confirmation , if any spot, counting from the first one working day , usually in 1-15 working days to issue the product . If no goods can be in the " futures orders " in the view customer service response time delivery .
1 , order successfully, you can visit our website at " My orders" view order information, the timely payment of the purchase price, we will as soon as possible after payment to arrange shipping for you .
2, in order to ensure timely and accurate delivery goods to your hands , please fill in the details when ordering consignee information and contact information.