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Service Policy


First: after-sales service features

Users to purchase goods within 15 days ( including the 15th , from the user calculated from the date of receipt of goods ) returned due to quality problems can submit an application by the customer service personnel to verify the start time , NTMALL service personnel within 24 hours, reflecting the sale process user problem . The standard treatment is finished : Submit renewal orders , replacement orders, applications for compensation or refund . If the user does not agree to the above solution , negotiation time surcharge ;

Second, Returns General

NTMALL commitments following conditions are met , the user can submit online repair request , or contact the customer service center with NTMALL Returns handle matters .

Returns specific criteria are as follows :

Returns Category

Specific description

7 days whether to return

15 days whether to return


Functional disturbances or product quality problems

The NTMALL service technician testing to confirm and issue test reports, identified as belonging to product quality problems



Users express

Goods damaged, missing parts

Property damage refers to damage during transport, crushing, appearance, performance, fault, after verification of true customer service staff. Refers to goods original accessories missing pieces missing.



Users express

Other reasons

Personal and other causes of return





To goods damaged , missing parts property damage refers to damage during transport , crushing, appearance, performance, fault , after verification of true customer service staff . Refers to goods original accessories missing pieces missing . Yes Yes No user mail

Other reasons for personal reasons as a result of Returns No No No


Special Note : The following conditions shall not handle Returns :

1 Any non NTMALL products sold ;

(2) unauthorized repair , misuse , collision , neglect, abuse , into the liquid , accident , alteration, improper installation caused by the product quality problems

3 . The product packaging , accessories , gifts ( vouchers ) needs and returned together with the main commodities , ( coupons ) invoice is missing or altered ;

4 open sealed original packaging , disposable seal affixed or strip breakage ( except for quality issues ) ;

5 products have been used ( except for quality issues ) ;

6 Other law should not apply for return .


Third, Tips

1 Product Image and informational purposes only , not a product quality problem ; due to different lighting and shooting display color and other issues may cause merchandise in pictures with color , all in order to prevail in kind ;

2.NTMALL sells goods are NTMALL design and manufacture of authentic licensed , NTMALL products are all sold goods tickets synchronization , please note that check ;

3 due to improper operation or use of your product caused environmental constraints is not working, Knight mall will not be returned free of charge , return the costs incurred by your own commitment ;

4 In return merchandise , you need to purchase the product obtained by deducting the integration , such as account credit has been used , the refund will be deducted accordingly from the commodity ;

5 packs or packages of goods can not be part of the return, there is bound to gift gifts with the primary commodity for return ;

Fourth, the service commitment

1 Standard Service : Any user of any goods purchased from NTMALL can enjoy all the standard services NTMALL

2 unified online feedback , online reflect problems to be solved : You only need to log in ( click ) our official website http://www.ntmall.com, in the " Service & Support" page for the corresponding application form submitted online service

3 Service hotline : a day, year-round , providing a full range of consulting and questions. Do you have any needs, please call the service hotline: 86 400-888-6037 ;

4 Online Advice: If you have questions need advice , you can click on the icon Contact NTMALL online customer service hours : Monday to Friday 8:00 am - Late 17:00 .

5 service processing cycle : return processing cycle , since the problem of storage of goods received within 20 days for you to complete the deal ;