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Rolling Bearing > Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing 360016
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Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing 360016
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Product parameters

Goods ID: 110000618 Brand: TARSO
Category: Rolling Bearing Weight:(g) 1120.00
Bearing No.: 360016 Color:
Equivalent other models: 126893 151103 Operating characteristic:
Dimensions-IDd:(mm) Dimensions-ODD:(mm)
Dimensions-WidthB:(mm) Dimensions-Inner Width:(mm)
Dimensions-Outer Height:(mm) Bearing material-Outer Ring Material: GCr15
Vibration level: Bearing material-Inner Ring Material: GCr15
Race Type: Grease Bearing material-Rolling element material: GCr15
Seal Type: One-side Seal Bearing material-Bearing cage material: 08F
Bearing precision grade: Bearing material-Sealing members material:
Internal clearance: Rated load-dynamic load:(KN)
Type of lubricant: Rated load-static load:(KN)
Speed ​​limit-Grease lubrication:(rpm) Speed ​​limit-Oil lubrication:(rpm)

Product Feature

Low noise, long life (more than one million times the clutch separate times), high reliability, Impact loads, starting torque, acceleration time is short


Clutch bearings, widely used in cars, light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles and all kinds of special vehicles

Product Details

Product Description


The product other models: 360016/126893/151103

Classification of automobile clutch release bearings

According to the functional role automotive clutch release bearings , clutch release bearings are divided into separate push- pull-type clutch release bearings and bearing . Push the clutch release bearing is divided into two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic lever , is now widely used in push lever release bearing , but the hydraulic push release bearing , because of its compact structure, high reliability , simple operation , in jeeps , SUVs , heavy trucks and other fields, there is a trend to expand the application .

With the advancement of science and technology in the installation of the sensor on the clutch release bearing , clutch release work to ensure the reliability of bearings in heavy vehicles and other fields, are more and more attention .

Following on common leveraged automotive clutch release bearings for specific instructions, other forms of release bearing for reference.

Automobile clutch release bearing is a more important part , if not faulty maintenance will not only cause economic loss , but a rather cumbersome disassembly , need to spend a lot of hours. So, figure out the clutch release bearing failure cause and reasonable care and maintenance in use for prolonged release bearing life, improve labor productivity, achieve better economic efficiency are important.

Automobile clutch release bearings role

Release Bearing in automotive powertrain , the main effect is passed , the role of the power cut , " from " the power transmission , " together" is to ensure the smooth transmission of power .

The clutch release bearing is mounted between the clutch and the transmission , loose bearing cap separating the transmission of the first tubular extension of the shaft bearing cap , separated by a return spring that always bearing against the shoulder of the release fork , and the final position of retreat , holding the end portion of the lever and separation ( separation means ) a gap of about 3 ~ 4mm .

As the clutch pressure plate , isolated synchronous operation lever and the engine crankshaft , and the separation clutch fork can move axially along the output shaft , with the release fork to dial directly separation lever apparently is not enough, by separating the bearing while rotating the lever can separate an edge clutch output shaft axial movement , thus ensuring the smooth clutch engagement can be separated and soft, reduce wear and extend the life of the clutch and the entire drive train .

Performance requirements

Clutch bearings should be flexible and mobile , no sharp sound or catching phenomenon , the axial clearance shall not exceed 0.60mm, inner bore wear shall not exceed 0.30mm.

Fault diagnosis

If the clutch release bearings reach the above requirements, that are deemed faulty. After the failure, we must first determine what kind of phenomena are separated bearing damage. After starting the engine light clutch pedal , just when free travel cancellation, appeared "imperfections " or " creak" sound, continue to step on the clutch pedal , if the sound disappears, then not release bearing problem, if there is still sound, is the release bearing rang .

Inspection , remove the clutch back, and then depresses the accelerator pedal a little , a slight increase in engine speed. If the noise has increased , to observe whether Mars. If Mars, then the clutch release bearing damage. If Mars was an an sprang like , indicating the separation of bearing balls broken. Without Mars, but it appears the metal crushing sound, indicating excessive wear .

Working conditions

Radial centrifugal separation is subjected to axial load in the bearing during use , impact load and high speed rotation, and in addition , since the fork lift and a reaction force of the release lever is not in the same line, the twisting moment is also formed . Clutch Release Bearing and poor working conditions , intermittently exposed to high-speed rotation and high-speed friction , high temperature , poor lubrication conditions , no cooling conditions .

Cause of damage

Operation and maintenance of the clutch release bearing damage and the driver adjusts a great relationship, generally causes of damage are the following:

1 ) Working temperature overheat

Many drivers in turning or deceleration, often half-pedal clutch , some hanging files back foot on the clutch pedal also ; Some vehicles free travel adjustment is too large, so that the clutch is not complete , in a semi- isolated half-engaged state, this state dry friction cause excessive heat transfer to the bearings, the bearing is heated to a certain temperature , diluted grease melting or flowing temperature of the bearing to further improve the separation , when the temperature reaches a certain level will burn.

2 ) lack of lubrication and wear

Clutch bearings with grease lubrication , there are two ways to join butter , such as 360111 for the release bearing , it should be removed , or when the gearbox , the rear bearing grease fill open during maintenance , and then re- cover can be fitted together ; separating the bearing, as 788611K , it can be melted to remove grease on digesting , removed after cooling , can achieve the purpose of lubrication . In practice this is easy to ignore the driver , causing the clutch release bearing starvation . Separation of the amount of wear of the bearing without lubrication or less lubrication lubrication is often several times the amount of wear to several times . Wear increases, the temperature will be greatly improved , so more damage.

3 ) free travel is too small or too many times set by

Upon request, the general clutch release bearing and the separation gap between the lever is 2.5mm more appropriate to reflect on the clutch pedal free travel for the 30-40mm, free travel is too small or no free travel , will make the separation lever and release bearing is often engaged state. According to the principle of fatigue damage , bearing the longer working hours , more serious damage ; carrier frequency by more , more easily separated bearing fatigue damage. And the longer working hours, the higher the temperature of the bearing , the easier burning, thus reducing the release bearing life.

4 ) In addition to these three reasons , was whether the formation of separate adjustment lever , release bearing return spring is good , but also has great influence on the separation of the bearing damage .


1 ) in accordance with the operational requirements , to avoid half-engagement clutch semi- isolated state , reducing clutch frequency of use.

2 ) pay attention to maintenance , periodic inspection or audit the annual maintenance in , so there is sufficient lubricant.

3 ) Note that leveling the clutch lever return spring force to ensure compliance .

4 ) Adjust free travel to meet the requirements (30-40mm), to prevent the free travel is too large or too small.

5 ) minimize engagement , separation times , reduce shock loads .

6 ) light clutch pedal lever to engage smoothly and separation.

NTMALL can provide pull , push the clutch all kinds (including hydraulic ) and other release bearing 650 balance , performance, supporting various models to meet the maintenance needs.