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SKF Thrust Ball Bearing 51306
Goods ID:110009694
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Specification:SKF 推力球轴承51306
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Product parameters

Goods ID: 110009694 Brand: SKF
Category: Thrust Ball Bearing Weight:(g) 243.00
Bearing No.: SKF 51306 Color: Natural color
Equivalent other models: Operating characteristic:
Dimensions-IDd:(mm) 30 Dimensions-ODD:(mm) 60
Dimensions-WidthB:(mm) Dimensions-Inner Width:(mm) 21
Dimensions-Outer Height:(mm) 21 Bearing material-Outer Ring Material: GCr15
Vibration level: Bearing material-Inner Ring Material: GCr15
Race Type: Non Bearing material-Rolling element material: GCr15
Seal Type: OPEN Bearing material-Bearing cage material: Other
Bearing precision grade: P0 Bearing material-Sealing members material:
Internal clearance: C0 Rated load-dynamic load:(KN) 35.8
Type of lubricant: Non Rated load-static load:(KN) 65.5
Speed ​​limit-Grease lubrication:(rpm) Speed ​​limit-Oil lubrication:(rpm)

Product Feature

High load, high strength, low speed, etc.


Crane hooks, vertical pumps, vertical centrifuge, speed reducer,etc.

Product Details

Common -way thrust ball bearings specific classification and model comparison :

1 , Miniature Thrust Ball Bearings  , 2, thrust ball bearings

One-way thrust ball bearings components: the seat , shaft ring and ball cage assembly of three parts . And the axis of said shaft ring , and the shell with said seat.

Type: One-way thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load . Thrust ball bearings can withstand axial load. Thrust ball bearings , which ring with the shaft . Mounting surface spherical bearing race , aligning performance , can reduce installation errors. Thrust ball bearings can bear radial load , lower speed limit.

1 one-way , two-way two types.

2 In order to allow the installation error , whether it is one-way or two-way , you can select the type or spherical spherical spherical seat type .

3 highly grease technology -. NSK grease lubricant technology can extend the life and improve bearing performance

4 high-grade steel ball - quiet and smooth rotation

5 Use the options in the ring, may allow the installation error .

Purpose : One-way thrust ball bearings , applies only to one side of the axial load to bear , on low speed parts , such as crane hooks , vertical pumps, vertical centrifuge , speed reducer . Shaft bearing ring , seat ring and rolling elements are separated, you can dismantle respectively .

Assembly: thrust ball bearing assembly has two key points . One is laminated cage and quality control of the ball , and the other is the height of the rear bearing assembly nominal T controls. In addition, due to the shaft ring , seat ring can be separated , bring a management problem. Is to prevent the import of bearing parts mixed . M- stamping cage assembly using crimping die . Pressing the ball in the pocket hole required rotation flexibility , but can not be detached from the pocket and technical procedures to check the ball runout in the pocket hole . Solid cage deep embossing presses make small balls runout , and stay connected with the raised portion embossed frame is too small and insufficient strength , prone to block out phenomenon, resulting cage scrapped. Small thrust ball bearing race ring and the shaft diameter size difference is small , there is no significant difference between two sets of groups . In order to prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of mixed units , namely a set of bearings fitted into a set of circumstances occurred pottery are trapped or both axes seat ring . This need to take certain measures . Usually by means of an auxiliary set of tooling when closing the pumping ring, seat group distinction , or sampling nominal inside diameter plug check with diameter size , easy to check the inner diameter of the seat height below before discharge , shaft ring put on it. If the inner diameter of the seat Court quenching obviously colored oxide or without grinding , there is no need to test the inner diameter can be apparent due to the difference between the axis of the seat , not mixed sets. After the thrust ball bearing assembly needs to be measured nominal height T confirmed a hundred qualified. When measured with a high degree of calibration blocks or standard hard parts , and to measure the load bearing rotation if need ten times , be sure to reach a minimum height. When thrust ball bearings operating at high speeds , the contact angle of the ball and the raceways in the radial plane will be affected by centrifugal force , causing the relative sliding ball raceway . This sliding adhesive wear caused damage to bearings . To prevent such damage , you must ensure that the minimum load thrust ball bearings subject , see Formula 1 or Formula 2, take the calculated value is greater. .

Equation 1: Famin = K · n * n; Equation 2: Famin = Coa/1000; Famin: minimum axial load (N)

K: The minimum axial load factor ; n: Speed ​​( per minute ); Coa: basic static load (N)

Thrust ball bearings can withstand the load in one direction only , if under load in both directions, you must use two-way thrust ball bearings. Thrust ball bearings must be subjected to a minimum load or preload. When the shaft is vertical , the weight of the shaft is usually more than the minimum load . Effect of time due to the axial load in the opposite direction outside , which is possible to reduce the load acting .

Bearing Installation : Installation of good or bad bearings , precision bearings will affect the life and performance. Therefore, please fully research bearing installation, operating standards that follow contain the following items be included bearing installation .

A cleaning bearings and related parts

To have grease lubricated bearings and oil seals or bilateral with dust cover, front seal bearing installation without washing.

Second, the size and finishing the inspection -related parts

Third, the installation method

Bearing installation should be based on the nature of the bearing with the structure, size and bearing components may be, the pressure should be directly added to the ferrule end face of a tight fit too , shall pass through the rolling pressure , bearing installation generally use the following method :

a. press fit

Bearing inner ring and the shaft so that a tight fit , the outer ring and the bearing hole is looser fit , can press the bearings would be pressed onto the shaft , and the shaft together with the bearing into the bearing hole together , when the pressure mounted on the bearing inner side surface, a soft pad assembly casing made ​​of metallic materials (copper or soft steel ) , the inner diameter of the sleeve assembly journal diameter should be slightly larger than the outer diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the bearing inner ring should avoid pressure on the retainer . Bearing outer ring and bearing bore tight fit when compared to the inner ring and the shaft is a loose fit , the bearing can be pressed into the bearing hole , then assemble the outer diameter of the sleeve should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the housing bore . If the bearing rings and the shaft and the bore is a tight fit to the outer mounting ring and the interior pressed into the shaft and housing bore , the assembly structure of the casing end surface charge can simultaneously be tight inner and outer bearing .

b. heating with

By heating the bearings or bearing, the use of thermal expansion of the tight fit into a loose fit installation method. Is a common and effortless installation. This method is suitable for a large amount of interference bearing mounting , heat installed before or separable bearing the bearing rings into the tank uniform heating 80-100 ℃, then remove from the oil loaded onto the shaft as soon as possible , in order to after cooling to prevent the inner face and shoulder fit is not tight , you can then tighten the axial bearing cooling . When the bearing outer ring and light metal bearing tight fit , using thermal heating bearing installation method , can be avoided with the surface by abrasion . When the tank is heated with a bearing at a certain distance away from the bottom of the gate should network , or hanging hook bearing , the bearing can not be put on the bottom , to avoid heavy impurities into the bearing or uneven heating , the tank must have a thermometer , strictly control the oil temperature does not exceed 100 ℃, in order to prevent tempering effect , reducing the hardness of the ferrule .