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PE Plastic Bearing 6901
Goods ID:130000196
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Specification:PE 6901
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Product parameters

Goods ID: 130000196 Brand: TARSO
Category: PE Bearing Weight:(g) 0.00
Bearing No.: PE 6901 Color: white
Equivalent other models: Operating characteristic:
Dimensions-IDd:(mm) 12 Dimensions-ODD:(mm) 24
Dimensions-WidthB:(mm) Dimensions-Inner Width:(mm) 6
Dimensions-Outer Height:(mm) 6 Bearing material-Outer Ring Material: PE
Vibration level: Bearing material-Inner Ring Material: PE
Race Type: Non Bearing material-Rolling element material: Glass
Seal Type: OPEN Bearing material-Bearing cage material: PE
Bearing precision grade: P0 Bearing material-Sealing members material:
Internal clearance: C0 Rated load-dynamic load:(KN)
Type of lubricant: Non Rated load-static load:(KN)
Speed ​​limit-Grease lubrication:(rpm) Speed ​​limit-Oil lubrication:(rpm)

Product Feature

Acid and alkali proof, self-lubricating, wear-proof, good electrical insulation


Mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decoration materials ,etc

Product Details


PE (High Density Polyethylene ) , English name is HighdensitypolyethyleneHDPE is a high crystallinity , non-polar thermoplastic resin. Original state of HDPE milky white appearance in thin cross-section was a certain degree of translucent. PE has excellent resistance to most of the characteristics of living and industrial chemicals . This material has been proven to be relatively weak acid cross- environment (30% Cucl2 solution and 30% NaoH solution tested OK) so for most acid / base / salt / solvent / oil / gas and seawater corrosion environment. With the general plastic bearings are self-lubricating oil , anti-magnetic insulation properties, but the mechanical strength is low , easily deformed , so this type of anti-acid plastic bearings do not apply to larger loads and higher speeds , the general use of HDPE material inside and outside the ring , cage material is HDPE, PP, ball glass balls, stainless steel balls or ceramic ball. HDPE Bearings Features: 1 . Good corrosion resistance at a certain temperature and concentration within various corrosive media and organic two high mechanical strength , cut in the liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 ℃) to maintain high toughness 3 . good self- lubricating, wear high 4 anti adhesion ability 5 . extremely low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation 6 . good resistance to high energy radiation