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PEEK Plastic Bearing 6205
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Product parameters

Goods ID: 130000405 Brand: TARSO
Category: PEEK Bearing Weight:(g) 25.00
Bearing No.: PEEK 6205 Color: 黄色
Equivalent other models: Operating characteristic:
Dimensions-IDd:(mm) 25 Dimensions-ODD:(mm) 52
Dimensions-WidthB:(mm) Dimensions-Inner Width:(mm) 15
Dimensions-Outer Height:(mm) 15 Bearing material-Outer Ring Material: PEEK
Vibration level: Bearing material-Inner Ring Material: PEEK
Race Type: Non Bearing material-Rolling element material: ZrO2
Seal Type: OPEN Bearing material-Bearing cage material: PTFE
Bearing precision grade: P0 Bearing material-Sealing members material:
Internal clearance: C0 Rated load-dynamic load:(KN) 0.467KN
Type of lubricant: Non Rated load-static load:(KN) 0.262KN
Speed ​​limit-Grease lubrication:(rpm) Speed ​​limit-Oil lubrication:(rpm)

Product Feature

Acid and alkali proof, self-lubricating, wear-proof, good electrical insulation


Petrochemical, electronics, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical automotive, health care, aerospace, military, nuclear and other fields

Product Details


Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) resin is a high performance engineering plastics , specialty plastics and other significant advantages compared with the more resistance is high temperature 260 degrees , excellent mechanical properties , self-lubricating , good resistance to chemical corrosion , flame retardant, peeling resistance , abrasion resistance , intolerance nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, anti-radiation , superior mechanical properties can be used in high-end machinery and aviation technology .

Product features and characteristics

Radiation resistance , insulation and stability , hydrolysis resistance, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, it meets material into the mechanical parts with self- lubricating effect .

. Temperature, good thermal stability, high heat ( over PPS fine ), HDT at 315 degrees Celsius , UL continuous use temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.

1 : Mechanical properties of PEEK is a toughness and rigidity , and balance of plastic. Particularly its excellent resistance to alternating stress fatigue is the most outstanding of all plastics can be comparable with the alloy .

2 : Self -lubricating plastic PEEK at all with superior sliding properties , suitable for demanding low coefficient of friction and abrasion uses. In particular , carbon fiber, graphite mixing proportion of each of the modified PEEK better self-lubricating properties .

3 : chemical resistance ( corrosion resistance ) PEEK has excellent chemical resistance in the usual chemicals that can dissolve or destroy it's only concentrated sulfuric acid, its corrosion resistance and nickel steel similar.

4 : PEEK is a very stable flame retardant polymer , 1.45mm thick sample , without any flame retardant can achieve the highest standards.

5: The peeling resistance of PEEK peeling resistance is very good, it can be made of or coated with a thin wire , may be used in harsh conditions .

6: The fatigue resistance of PEEK resin at all has the best fatigue resistance.

7: The radiation resistance of high radiation are strong , more than a common resin best radiation resistance of polystyrene . Γ radiation dose can be made up 1100Mrad can still maintain good insulation , high-performance .

8: hydrolysis resistance PEEK and its composites and high-pressure steam from water , the chemical effects of this material products made of continuous use at high temperature and pressure water can still maintain excellent properties .