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Non-Standard Ceramic Board FB247
Goods ID:140000104
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Product parameters

Goods ID: 140000104 Brand: TARSO
Category: ZrO2 Structural part Weight:(g) 363.00
Item.: 陶瓷板FB247 Color: white
Material: ZrO2 Operating characteristic:
长度:(mm) 125 Width:(mm) 113
厚度:(mm) 6.2    

Product Feature

With a high temperature, high pressure, low water absorption, chemical stability, wear resistance and other characteristics


Petroleum, chemical, electronics, vacuum and environmental protection, energy, aerospace, machinery, automobile, metallurgy military, medicine, food and other industries

Product Details


Pure ZrO2 is white, containing impurities yellow or gray, zirconia density 5.6g/cm3, ZrO2 has self-lubricating, can solve the pollution caused by lubricating medium and add inconvenience; good corrosion resistance in acid medium, medium base, seawater media may also be used; temperature, zirconia ceramic at 600 ℃, the strength, hardness is almost constant; non-magnetic, non-conductive.

The main technical indicators:

Chemical Composition:ZrO2 94.6%,Y2 O3 5.2±0.2%

Density:> 6.0g/cm3


Flexible coefficient:8.0Mpa.m1/2

Crushing strength:150Kgf(2mm)

Abrasion value:Reached the international advanced level

The ceramic structure is a highly complex product of new materials, ceramic materials with high toughness, high flexural strength and high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation properties, thermal expansion coefficient close to the steel, etc., it is widely used in structural ceramics areas, ceramic structural parts and steel structure compared advantages: speed limit higher, more suitable for precision applications, life is generally five times the steel structure, can be used at higher temperatures, more suitable for the occasion temperature changes , more anti-bite anti-jamming performance, applicable to chemical corrosion occasions magnetic occasion. We offer ceramic structural components are the following materials: zirconium oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, alumina; main products include ceramic wear rings, wear rods, sealing rings, friction plates and so on. Ceramic structure in the energy, aerospace, machinery, automobile, metallurgy military, chemical, electronics, medicine, food and a dozen industries have broad prospects.